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KwikShipper makes its easy for you to order goods otherwise unavailable internationally. Whether you're an expat living overseas or want to purchase hard-to-find goods in your home country, we offer quick and simple solutions to bridge the gap for retail without borders.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to get your Products

1. Get my KwikShipper address

Once you've registered your account, you'll receive a U.S.-based address that your purchases can be shipped to as an intermediary point.

2. Shop

Choose any items from both major or boutique retailers. You can shop online at any store, using your supplied KwikShipper address as the shipment destination.

3. Ship

Once your orders been placed and received at our warehouse, we'll promptly ship it to your international address.

Product Consolidation

Ordering goods from a variety of different retailers? We offer product consolidation to cut down on packaging and shipping costs.

Concierge Service

To make things easier, we offer a concierge service where we'll do the shopping for you! We'll just need the product details and online store info for where to make the purchase.

Why Choose KwikShipper?

On time Delivery

All shipments will be sent out prompty as soon as they're received at our warehouse

Shipping cost calculator

See and compare the shipping rates from a variety of carriers so you know the shipping costs beforehand

Lowest price

We offer the lowest prices of any third-party international shipping service

Customer Service

Making sure your shipping experience is smooth and effortless is our number one priority. Our Customer Service team is here to help with any questions you may have

Promotions & Reward Points

Get Rewards Points for Every Order

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