Kwikshipper is a U.S.-based company dedicated to better connecting the world through delivery of retail goods. No longer does your location have to limit what you can purchase and have delivered to your door.

Concierge Service

While many enjoy online shopping, there are some that just don't have the time. We offer a premium Concierge Service to make your life easier.

Just us let us know the details of the products you'd like to purchase and where we can order them, and we'll have them shipped to our warehouse before sending them to their final destination.

Your very own U.S. shipping address

When signing up with KwikShipper, we'll assign you a U.S. address that can be used to place any orders online. This address can be used to order any goods you'd typically need an American shipping address for, unable to have delivered to your country overseas.

KwikShipper is committed to being the leading third-party service for shipping retail products to your country. Offering low prices and attentive customer service, we want to make the process of ordering internationally as simple as ordering domestically.

Benefits of Kwikshipper

  • Access to all U.S.-based retailers
  • Concierge Service for easier shopping
  • Product consolidation when ordering from multiple retailers
  • Lowest international shipping prices
  • Easy-to-use ordering system
  • Committed customer service

Where to shop