How it works

Click the video link below to find out how KwikShipper can consolidate all your local and international shipping needs in one easy-to-use platform.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to get your Products

KwikShipper makes it quick and simple to start ordering products from U.S. retailers in three easy steps


01. Get my KwikShipper address

Once you register an account with KwikShipper, we'll assign you a U.S. address that can be used to place any orders online. This address can be used to order any goods you'd typically neeed an American shipping address for, unable to have delivered in your country overseas. At KwikShipper we refer to this as your "Suite Address"

We strive to make the account setup process as easy as possible, requiring only the following info:

Email address

Shipping address for your package's final destination

Billing info


02. SHOP

Once you have your suite address, you can start shopping online at any store, using your supplied KwikShipper address as the shipment destination. Any items from both major or boutique U.S. retailers can be shipped to you.

The shopping process has been streamlined, offering features such as:

Easy-to-use order forms

A Concierge Service for when you want us to handle the shopping for you

Comparison of shipping rates from a variety of carriers


03. SHIP

After placing your order, all shipments will be sent out promply as soon as they're received in our warehouse, getting your order to you quickly.

Our shipping process offers some of the following features:

Product consolidation when ordering products from multiple retailers

Order tracking (when available through selected carrier/shipping options)

Attentive customer service to address any questions or concerns

Where to shop